Do you accept returns/ exchanges?- Unfortunately, due to the nature of the items I don't accept returns or exchanges. Please reach out though if there is an issue with your order! Feel free to send an email to lacenpine@gmail.com

How lightweight are they? -  SUPER lightweight. Most boxes with 2-4 pairs packaged up ready to ship weighs less than 4.5 oz. You will forget you're wearing them.. until you get complimented :)

How do I clean them? -  It's totally normal for clay earrings to need a little cleaning once in awhile to remove makeup and such. Just take a q-tip and dip in a bit of acetone or rubbing alcohol and gently rub. 

Do you do custom orders? -  YES! I love doing customs, whether it be for a perfect gift, or a wedding party. Just email me at lacenpine@gmail.com and let's make those beauties come to life!

How long does shipping take? -  Because they're made just for you when you order ( this isn't Amazon, though I do love me some Amazon) these take time. They will be created and shipped within 7-10 business days.

Are they really all handmade? -  Absolutely. Again.. not amazon :) 

Will they brake? -  Polymer clay is actually very durable once it's conditioned correctly and baked properly. Though you may be testing the waters if you just throw them in your purse. 

Why are market prices different? - I love vending at markets around the Portland Metro area. My market prices are different to encourage people to get out and support their local Saturday markets and small businesses.